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Internship Program

Whether you’re just starting out or already have specialized training in IT or Financial services, we want to give you the opportunity to let your talent shine and make a real contribution to Tenace.

Learn with Tenace

The Tenace Internship Program seeks applicants who want to be immersed in a diverse culture where you can development your skills alongside other interested in the same opportunities. Tenace is known for delivering exceptional IT management and financial services to various industries, including government agencies and the public sector.

Great Opportunities

Some of our internship opportunities can be found in these areas:

Kick-Start Your Career

Come join a complex and inclusive environment working alongside employees from many different backgrounds. With our in-depth service offerings, you’ll be sure to gain experience while also making a meaningful impact and new connections for the future. Our program will give you unlimited opportunities for networking, mentorship, and self-improvement through multi-disciplinary workshops and training courses

If you’re interested to learn more about the many opportunities that await at Tenace, please send us an application. Get to work on real projects and develop your skills in a fast-paced high-performance company that’s focused on core values.

Apply for an internship with us and kick-start your career today!

Internship Application

Jose Ortiz

Account Executive

Debbie Ortiz

Brand & Marketing Design Supervisor

Raul Ortiz

Chief Technology Officer

Becky Aquino

Chief Financial Officer

Rey Martinez

Chief Executive Officer