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A New Era of Cybersecurity Has Emerged with a Focus on Financial Compliance Fuxebox Announces Major Rebrand as Tenace

EIN Wire August 21, 2022 9:00 GMT

Leesburg, VA . August 21, 2022 — Fuxebox, a technology and consulting firm and a driver of today’s technology and innovation has announced it has changed its name to, Tenace. With the same pillars of diligence, transparency and quality, Tenace will continue to provide expert level protection to the most vulnerable assets in an organization.  Tenace’s new vision will offer an expansion of its services and industries to deliver mission-focused operational solutions in cyber and financial security. Tenace experts bring advanced knowledge of threat mitigation while combining the option for protecting your financial assets by ensuring ethics and compliance are placed at the forefront of your organization.
With a continued focus on providing support to small and mid-sized businesses and services for federal and state agencies, prospects can look forward to an expansion of services that include an option for a Fractional CCO with Co-Founder and industry expert Becky Aquino and UX/UI for website needs. The updated website details industries Tenace experts have worked in and a range of full capabilities with an emphasis on Government services, while celebrating diversity and community.
“We are incredibly excited about the rebrand. We feel that the new brand will allow us to better communicate who we are to our clients and partners,”said Rey Martinez, Co-Founder and CEO of Tenace. “As we evolve our brand, we want to reinforce our commitment to serving our customers, partners, employees, and the community around us. We are truly thankful for the support and excited about the impact we will have in the future.”
Tenace ensures that all practices, procedures and standards with business systems and government entities are compliant and reliable.  
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About Tenace
Founded in 2017, Tenace has become a trusted supplier of advanced IT solutions and a provider of financial compliance to the US government and to small and mid-sized businesses. Lead by industry experts, Tenace brings 20+ years of experience in working to mitigate threats in the cyber world and to help organizations enhance their ethical posture by ensuring ethics and compliance are placed at the forefront of a business.
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Account Executive

Debbie Ortiz

Brand & Marketing Design Supervisor

Raul Ortiz

Chief Technology Officer

Becky Aquino

Chief Financial Officer

Rey Martinez

Chief Executive Officer