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3 Important Things A Cybersecurity Assessment Can Do For Your Company

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A cyber attack can cost your business money, time, and more importantly, your reputation. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, 60 percent of small- and mid-sized businesses that suffer a cyber attack are closed within 6 months, primarily due to lost business and lost customer trust.

“60 percent of small and mid-sized businesses that suffer a cyber attack are closed within 6 months”

At Tenace, we specialize in providing flexible and affordable cybersecurity solutions for companies that don’t have the resources to maintain in-house cybersecurity staff. So an important part of what we do is to provide a top-to-bottom cybersecurity assessment so that clients can understand their vulnerabilities and potential risks.

A thorough cybersecurity assessment can provide your company with insights and ways to improve your data security. With that in mind, here are some of the top benefits of a cybersecurity risk assessment.


First, a cybersecurity assessment will help your company find and identify risks and potential threats to your systems. These could be internal or external. 

For instance, your company’s network might have security vulnerabilities that could allow attackers entry into your system. Tenace will seek out and find these vulnerabilities and examine your network for weaknesses. 

Understanding these risks can help your company set up effective security policies. These can involve improvements to your network hardware, your software, or your employees’ training and operating procedures. 

A cybersecurity partner like Tenace will routinely monitor your company’s network and identify any irregularities. An important part of a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment is developing the right policies to keep your company secure.


Failing to have effective IT security policies and procedures in place is incredibly common among businesses today. Simply put, they rely too heavily on generic security software and give their employees few if any guidelines for IT equipment and software use.

A cybersecurity audit by Tenace can help with producing clearly defined security procedures. When implemented, these procedures can reduce network vulnerabilities due to careless use or misuse of IT equipment. 


Continuous monitoring is essential to an effective security posture. During the continuous monitoring phase, we make sure that what has been created into policy is actually being done. This includes monthly vulnerability scanning, scheduled maintenance and software updates. Malicious users can exploit weaknesses in software. By ensuring regular security updates, your network can be protected from these sorts of intrusions.


With cybersecurity so important to your business, it is important to develop a company culture that respects cybersecurity. Having a thorough cybersecurity assessment will allow your business leaders to communicate effectively with employees about potential risks.

Educating your employees about cyber threats can reduce your overall exposure to risks. It can also help your valuable team members become more confident in using the technology they need to do their jobs.

When you explain cybersecurity in detail to your team members and demonstrate its importance to your organization’s bottom line, they will work to maintain and improve your overall security.

These are a few of the advantages of having a comprehensive cybersecurity review from Tenace. We provide flexible and affordable services that allow your business to stay safe and sound in this modern and menacing environment. Get in touch with Tenace today.

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