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We understand that improving human health is your organization’s top priority. We can leverage our technology expertise with planning, implementing, and maintaining your financial accounts and IT infrastructure so healthcare organizations to focus on doing what they do best.

Safety First

From merging datacenters with critical health records and customer information to supporting mobile device health software and performing payroll or tax support, we offer a wide range of strategies that improve how you safeguard, organize and share sensitive data required to serve patients. No matter the size of your health organization, we offer a full array of managed IT support and accounting services for hardware, software and cloud-based architectures.

Updating your financial technology software stack can boost productivity and increase organization with IT operations, and gives you the required flexibility to adapt with the ever-changing digital landscape by healthcare regulation. By letting Tenace focus on modernizing your infrastructure, healthcare organizations can lower operating costs, enable higher quality services, and increase reliability in their patient data and security.

Tenace understands that IT compliance is critical in the healthcare industry, and protecting patient data and personal information is of utmost importance. By minimizing the associated risks and costs related to cybercrime, we can make sure your organization has full-proof data and the correct network security to operate safely and within compliance.

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Account Executive

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Brand & Marketing Design Supervisor

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Chief Technology Officer

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Chief Financial Officer

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Chief Executive Officer