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Information Technology

In a digital and cloud-based world, IT businesses only perform as well as their current infrastructure. We can help determine the best platforms on which to build exceptional customer and employee experiences.

Intelligent IT Solutions

Did you know that having robust financial and IT infrastructures are one of the best ways for enhancing the overall efficiency of your organization? It ensures cost savings and enhanced security of your critical businesses data.

Tenace can give you the competitive edge over other organizations by providing tailored solutions for a variety of IT functions and financial activities that are critical to your infrastructure’s performance and adaptability to an ever-changing IT landscape.

It’s difficult for traditional companies to keep up with the rapid changes required by the digital space – business strategies must constantly modernize. Tenace can help you develop effective strategies and intelligent solutions for financial planning, bookkeeping, and other accounting tasks.

Tenace has years of experience with implementing secure and reliable IT infrastructure management and accounting services for achieving sustainability of your organization. Through our management services we can provide:

  • Accounting services related to payroll, tax support, and virtual CFO
  • Bookkeeping Liaison Partner services for timely accounting tasks
  • IT infrastructure compliance & cybersecurity
  • Maintaining and optimizing custom system architecture

Jose Ortiz

Account Executive

Debbie Ortiz

Brand & Marketing Design Supervisor

Raul Ortiz

Chief Technology Officer

Becky Aquino

Chief Financial Officer

Rey Martinez

Chief Executive Officer