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Keep your processes and systems up to date with the latest federal rules and regulations.

Job Cost Accounting for Government Contractors

Typically, accounting is usually as straightforward as A + B = C, but when dealing with government contracts, those ABCs need to be better identified, accumulated, allocated, and segregated.  For example, revenue and expenses need to be classified by contract (or contract line items), indirect expenses need to be accumulated into logical cost groupings and allocated via adequate methodologies, and unallowable expenses need to be segregated and removed from billable costs.  At Tenace, we can help government contractors optimize their bookkeeping to meet federal rules and regulations, including compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and the Cost Accounting Standards (CAS).

Bookkeeping Liaison Partner

As your bookkeeping liaison partner, we are your go-to person for daily accounting tasks and activities. As part of these services we:

  • Guaranteed a response within 24hrs.
  • GL posting of all bank transactions daily, weekly, monthly (depending on client’s needs).
  • Timely accrual of revenue and liability transactions.
  • Job cost accounting for government contractors.
  • Accounting for small businesses and self-employed individuals.
  • Financial reports available on demand.

Payroll with Gusto + Tenace

This program offers full-cycle payroll administration through our preferred payroll provider partner: Gusto. Gusto makes it convenient to onboard and pay employees and 1099 contractors at an affordable price, especially for small businesses.

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