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Ethics & Compliance

If your business is growing, you may need to comply with specific ethics and compliance requirements.

Fractional Chief Compliance Officer (CC0)

Have you ever wondered if your organization meets the required compliance standards? Hiring a full-time CCO is extremely advantageous, but also costly. At Tenace, we support organizations by building a comprehensive compliance framework that is adaptable to the environment in which they operate. From performing risk assessments, drafting policies and procedures, to implementing compliance training and conducting audits as needed, Tenace has created a scalable fractional Chief Compliance Officer program that allows companies to maintain a healthy compliance posture – and at a reasonable price.

Integrative Compliance

A fresh perspective: from business risk assessments to on-demand audits, this service offers a variety of compliance-related activities, starting with a general assessment of your business and compliance with federal, state, and local regulations. Depending on your organization’s needs, our Integrative Compliance product can be fully integrated or staggered into various smaller phases as needed. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your business remains compliant and stays on top of the latest regulatory trends.

DCAA Audit Support

With over 20 years of expertise in the field, this program provides support in all aspects of DCAA compliance. Services include but are not limited to developing an adequate indirect rate structure, supporting the organization in price proposals, conducting internal audit assessments, implementing policies and procedures in accordance with FAR/DFARS and CAS, submitting annual incurred cost submissions, and implementing other DCAA-related audit readiness practices.

Ethical Balance

As part of our mission, Tenace helps organizations enhance their ethical posture by ensuring ethics and compliance are placed at the forefront of their businesses. Services include assisting companies in defining their moral goals and values, drafting a solid Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Program that is centered on the company’s core principles, conducting proactive risk assessments, as well as performing timely ethics and forensic accounting investigations.

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