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Software Development

Give your business a productivity boost. Our solutions allow end users to be more efficient and productive with their time. We are firm believers of clear and concise communication. We are driven by: Innovation, Adaptability, and Responsiveness.

Digital Evolution

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” We’ve all heard it at some point, it is very popular proverb in IT departments. However, while it holds a certain amount of truth in short-term scenarios, aging software will often feel cumbersome to modern end-user generations. Legacy systems, more often than never, become outdated and reach their support end of life; opening the door to vulnerabilities and security risks.

Technology evolves at an incredible speed. Technical debt can be a deterrent for business growth and a risk for your data. Don’t get stuck in the past; our software modernization services can help future-proof your systems.

Smart Connect

From accounting and enterprise resource management to communication platforms and corporate websites, having many systems is part of everyday business. Moreover, systems can reside on end-user workstations, barebone servers, or even in the cloud.

While modern system architectures provide flexibility to organizations, it makes integration more challenging. Our Smart Connect department can analyze your system architecture and provide a smart and logical way to connect all the pieces of the puzzle.

Our experts can help you integrate with:

  • Self-hosted systems.
  • Cloud-hosted systems.
  • Third-party platforms.

Agile Development

Our methodology has been proven by our many successes. It enables our teams to optimize time and increase the quality of project deliverables by:

  • Increase the quality of project deliverables.
  • Cope better with change.
  • Be more attuned and responsive to business needs.
  • Provide accurate estimates.
  • Have better control of the project schedule and state.
  • Seamless communication among stakeholders.
  • We can help your organization become agile, but if you are not there yet we understand. All our members are well versed in classic and modern project management practices.

Jose Ortiz

Account Executive

Debbie Ortiz

Brand & Marketing Design Supervisor

Raul Ortiz

Chief Technology Officer

Becky Aquino

Chief Financial Officer

Rey Martinez

Chief Executive Officer